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Foolproof Science Based Lifetime Weight Loss Solution Designed Specifically For Your Body!

You will shed pounds, increase your energy without starving yourself or ever
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  • Expert Diet Advice to Burn Fat
  • Rapidly and Permanently Melt Your Stubborn Fat
  • Still Eat Out With Friends and Family
  • Balance Your Body's Own Fat Burning Hormones
  • Boost Your Metabolism and Fix Your Digestion
  • Learn How To Lose Weight

“So far, in the 6 weeks of the Weight Loss Specialists helping me, I've lost a whopping 26 pounds! I feel really good with lots of energy and I learned how to lose weight. My husband and I really like the way I look.”
-Nicky Swartz, Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ)

“Within 9 days my loss was very visible. I started losing weight right from the beginning but I lost inches quicker! I never had that kind of results before. I definitely recommend this program to someone who actually wants to see results in their weight loss efforts.”
- Melissa Dusand, Rockland County, New York 


From The Desk Of Robert Galarowicz ND
Nutritionist & Co-Founder of
The Weight Loss Specialists
in Bergen County New Jersey

Dear New Jersey and New York residents:

Are you ready to lose as much as 5 to 10 pounds of ugly fat in your first week? And 3 to 5 pounds each week after that ... If you are frustrated with your weight gain and how your body looks and feels this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Even if you never lost a pound with diets, or you quit and the weight keeps coming back, what I am about to reveal is different.

You Will Lose Fat That
Has Bothered You
For Years!

Fat in your belly, your rear, hips and thighs will begin to shrink away starting in just a few days! Unlike your old plans for losing weight, with this you’ll have...

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Sure it does, but stay with me here.

You may be skeptical at this point, I know I was before I seen the amazing results with over hundreds of client’s case studies!

I didn’t think any diet could work because we all hate to diet. Dieting is always uncomfortable. You are always hungry. Never satisfied, your stomach is gnawing and growling. Pretty soon you are tired and grumpy all of the time and your diet begins to affect everyone around you.

What’s worse, when you stop your diet and start eating “normally”, those pounds pile on fast. Like inflating a flat tire, you end up heavier than when you started dieting.

If You Are Ashamed And
Embarrassed By The Way You
Look And Feel Get Ready For A
Weight Loss Transformation
To Make Your Body a
Fat-Burning Machine

You already know that being overweight causes serious health issues, especially diabetes and heart disease. Nobody argues that point anymore.

Let’s face it, excess fat makes you feel bad both physically and emotionally. It is a daily struggle to keep a positive attitude when you are overweight.

Your self-esteem is low and your mental well being and your health are suffering.

Let me ask you ...

These are signs of weight problems that can be easily fixed ... if you know how to lose weight with the right things to do!

“I’ve Tried Tons of Diets, But They Never Work.”

Most people with a weight problem have attempted to lose weight on their own, with one or more popular fad diets, celebrity endorsed one-size fits all diet plans or a local weight loss service. Some plans work (for a while), and some don’t.

Either you starve and deprive yourself till you decide to quit, your too tired to do anything while desperately trying to ignore your carb cravings, or one cheat meal and the scale goes up 3 pounds ... and all those hours in the gym seem to do little for your weight.

There are various reasons people gain and retain weight. Without understanding the underlying “ROOT CAUSE” and how to lose weight for your body, it is almost impossible to succeed for the long term.

Most Weight Loss Programs Target Your Wallet and Not the Fat

There are celebrity endorsed weight loss plans, miracle weight loss supplements, here today and gone tomorrow weight loss centers, and what do all these things have in common?

  1. They get rich while you blame yourself for not getting the results they promised or ...
  2. They are not customized or personalized to you. It is a one size fits all plan!

Sciencedaily.com states “Only twenty percent of people will lose weight and keep it off this year, despite research that two-thirds of Americans admit to being on a diet.”

Without knowing your lifestyle and underlying causes of your particular weight issues, and by not working with a qualified nutritionist, lifestyle and weight management consultant these types of plans become another expensive temporary solution.

Get Ready For Your Personalized Weight Loss Program and Start Burning Away A Bit Of Belly Fat
Each and Every Day!

Are you ready for a personalized weight loss solution that works and you can comfortably stay on? Ready to discover how to lose weight while eating bread?

Yes, bread!

Real food for real people with real results ...

The path you are on is a dead end street. You are about to end your weight loss struggles and turn your life around quickly, comfortably and easily ....

Scientific Weight Loss Solutions To DEACTIVATE Fat Storage & Lose All The Weight You Desire

My name is Robert Galarowicz ND. I am a Nutritionist & Naturopath. I am also the Co-Founder and Director of a weight loss service and center, called “The Weight Loss Specialists”.

Our team of highly trained weight loss consultants will help you achieve lasting weight loss results. At The Weight Loss Specialists, you will learn how to lose weight and experience noticeable weight loss in a short amount of time, but the benefits will last a lifetime. Your self-esteem returns and you will feel happier than you have felt in years!

At The Weight Loss Specialists, we start with your total individual “Metabolic Weight Loss Assessment”.

We identify each person’s specific weight loss issues using the personalized “metabolic assessment.” Your weight gain can be caused by many factors such as medical problems, food sensitivities, poor food choices, etc. So we uncover the causes to determine the right path for your personal weight loss program. It all depends on your body, metabolism, and your lifestyle.

The Weight Loss Specialists is the only local weight loss clinic in the NJ/NY area using The Most Up To Date Scientifically Formulated Metabolic Assessment to understand you, your body type, and your lifestyle before tailoring a how to loss weight program specifically for you.

Our Simple 4 Step Plan Burns BODY Fat In Stubborn Places!

Step 1: The Metabolic Assessment

Your individual weight loss plan begins with a personalized Weight Loss Metabolic Assessment.

Weight Loss Metabolic Assessment Profile

The Metabolic Assessment Profile is a snapshot of how your body’s systems are working including metabolism, detoxification, digestion, blood sugar, antioxidant capacity and more.

The profile provides valuable data that can guide us to the right weight loss solutions targeted specifically to you including a healthy lifestyle modification.

Your initial assessment will determine what is making you gain weight and the best way to lose weight. There are many conditions to consider. By using the latest computerized body composition, scans, nutritional evaluation and urine analysis, we will determine the following:

  • Visceral Fat Rating
    This type of fat surrounds your organs. Known as “deadly” fat responsible for illness and disease.
  • Body Fat %
    A reading of your stored body fat. By knowing how much fat your body has and monitoring it is critical to your success.
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
    New weight loss technology which is an electrodermograph body scan to see imbalances in your body related to weight loss and health.
  • Digestive Health
    Improper digestion effects your nutritional status, health and how your body burns calories for energy. If there is a problem we can correct it.
  • Weight (BIA)
    A professional bio electrical impedance measurement to accurately get your true body weight.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
    A measure of body fat based on height and weight. Watch it shrink away with each reading.
  • Nervous System Test
    A gauge of mental stress that plays a role in how you feel, the food decisions you make and your physical health.
  • Heart Rate Variability
    A non-invasive measurement of the autonomic nervous system. This tells if you need your hormones balanced like the fat storing - cortisol.
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
    Is the minimal rate of calorie burning and fat burning while at rest. If its low we boost it up for more weight loss.
  • Daily Calorie Intake
    Calculations of how many calories you eat to maintain your weight, how much to lose your desired amount and how much time it will take.
  • PH Balance
    A pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. A health marker and by optimizing your PH level improves your body to detox and lose weight easily.
  • Anthropometric Assessment
    Comparative measurements of the body. Waist to hip ratios, body circumference, etc.

    See your clothing sizes dropping.
  • Muscle Mass
    Muscle helps keep your metabolize slow or fast. You want to lose fat and not muscle. We make sure your burning what you’re supposed to so your metabolism never drops.
  • Body Water Percentage
    Proper hydration levels are not just important for your health, but also for optimizing weight loss.
  • Metabolic Age
    What is your body’s age compared to your real age. Are you 35 with a body of a 45 year old? 

    A great tool see you reverse the aging process.
  • Physique Rating
    Ratio of body fat and muscle mass
    that lets us know your daily energy expenditure.
  • Bone Mass
    Many weight loss programs out their you lose bone mass. Very dangerous for your long term health. We keep track of this to ensure safe healthy weight loss.
  • Lifestyle Profile
    Learning your schedule, food preferences and lifestyle is key to planning your success.

Step 2: A Detailed Fat Loss Blueprint

Based on your personal Metabolic Assessment a qualified nutritionist, weight management and lifestyle consultant will determine what will work best for you. We will develop a unique weight loss program just for you. We have multiple programs and techniques to help you lose weight. You will completely reset your body’s metabolism to burn stored fat faster than you ever thought possible!

More than just a program for losing weight, we improve your overall health, so that:

Step 3: Your Personal Flexible Meal Plan, Food Lists & Supplements

Just because we say "Meal Plan" don't think we are going to load you up with powdered astronaut shakes and pre-packaged frozen foods like many weight loss programs.

We know what your body needs when it comes to nutrition. We also know that broccoli is good for you, but if you don't like it you won't eat it.

So as part of your Metabolic Assessment, we also perform a Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment. We find out your likes and dislikes so we can prepare a meal plan and food lists that you will eat and enjoy!

Your customized meal plan allows you to do your grocery shopping where you normally go. No overpriced specialty foods and stores. Even learn how to lose weight when eating out.

Your customized meal plan is based on your body's metabolic assessment results. It will have your metabolism in the "fat burning zone" so you will never have food cravings, never go hungry, and your fat will burn day and night!

We will help you to eat smarter with tasty low calorie, nutrient dense, easy to follow meal plans with customized supplements to increase nutrition, maximize your detoxification systems, improve digestive health and balance your hormones. As your body stabilizes your cells release toxins enabling your body to burn abnormal fat in those trouble areas. These meals and snacks you can eat with your family and aren’t very restrictive.

Step 4: Your Follow-Up

We will set up a schedule and monitor your progress. A follow-up plan creates accountability to help motivate you to eat right, handle any trouble areas and answer any questions you have.

Our clients love to come back to flaunt their weight loss with their new, smaller size clothes they bought. Imagine what it will be like in 6 weeks and you lose 15 or more pounds!

We will go over your plan, your current weight loss, solutions for weight loss challenges such as social events and your ultimate weight goal to see where we need to adjust it. We will determine the best way to stabilize your weight loss for life. Even prevent return weight gain when you go on vacation ...

Most of our clients lose 15 to 25 pounds in a relatively short time. They tell us that even after leaving their individual program they continue to lose additional pounds! This is long-term weight loss success!

Here Is What Some Of Our
Clients Have To Say


"I tried other diets before, but the folks at the Weight Loss Specialist were the only ones that helped me get the weight off and keep it off. I lost 30 pounds without starving, completed their program in April 2015, and I have kept the weight off. If you follow the program, you will learn how to lose weight and keep your results.”
- Edward LaRue, Passaic County, New Jersey (NJ)


“I have lost 3 dress sizes in under four weeks. I don’t go hungry and I feel great. I can’t wait to see the results next month.”
– Rachael Greenberg, Hackensack, New Jersey, Bergen County (NJ)

6 Reasons Why The Weight Loss Specialists Will Work For You

    We don’t have a set plan. Our certified nutritionist and weight loss consultants design a program that fits your body, lifestyle, taste and preferences.
    Our service is tailored specifically to you and your budget! Our weight loss plans are affordable because we don't sell you pre-packaged frozen food boxes or outrageously overpriced supplements. You do your grocery shopping using a smarter shopping list.
    Our weight loss experts are also Lifestyle and Stress Management Consultants helping you conquer any emotional eating issues. You will learn how to kick bad food habits like sugar addictions, junk food and fast food almost immediately.
    One of the reasons our clients experience lifelong weight loss is because they prepare and eat food from the grocery store, you learn how to lose weight and how to eat out without gaining weight. They enjoy the same food as the rest of the family which encourages everyone to eat right. You and your family will benefit.

    The Weight Loss Specialist has a variety of weight loss classes and can even arrange to have a cooking demonstration in your home, or maybe you need a grocery shopping tour to learn the RIGHT foods to lose weight and keep it off.

    If you want a quick bar or a shake to replace a meal or snack our weight loss specialists can provide the best options for you.

    Cooking and shopping doesn’t have to be time-consuming. We will show you cooking techniques to prepare quick meals in 30 minutes or less.
    100% Safe and Natural, we will provide an education on how to lose weight and a custom weight loss program for any dietary issue or preference! Whether your food and program is:
    • Gluten-free
    • Nut–free
    • Sugar-free
    • Dairy-free
    • Fat-free
    • Vegan
    • High Protein
    • Low Carb
    • Dukan Diet
    • Vegetarian
    • Paleo
    • Meditarrean
    • Detox Diets
    • Alkaline Diets

    At The Weight Loss Specialist, our trained staff is up to date with the latest weight loss and nutritional sciences. Our weight loss experts know all the current diet trends and nutritional facts so you can have the knowledge of what’s right for you. We know that a weight loss plan is useless if you won’t follow it.

    Can’t make an appointment because of your hectic schedule? No problem. Our staff can organize phone meetings, skype or even text message follow ups. We understand your life is hectic so we create a plan that works for you and your schedule.

    We are here to help you succeed and reach your weight loss goals, at any time! Even if you don’t know what to eat at a restaurant, party or any social events, you can call, email or text us, and our staff will guide you through the proper choices.

Our Weight Loss Specialists are Trained & Certified Nutritionist, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultants Who Will Help You Succeed in Your Personal Weight Issue.


Medical Doctor Approved

weight_loss_doctor"This is a very effective weight loss program that does not use any surgery or harmful drugs. I have referred some of my patients to The Weight Loss Specialist, and all of them reported having excellent results. I have seen the positive effects first hand. This program can help anyone reduce body fat and they provide instruction on how to lose weight and keep it off."

Dr Knox D.C.

You Will Feel & Look Great Again!

As our client at The Weight Loss Specialists, you will experience noticeable weight loss in only a few short days, but the benefits will last a lifetime. Your self-esteem returns and you will feel happier than you have felt in years! Almost immediately you will:

CAUTION: This program is
not for everyone!

This program is best suited for people who are serious about losing weight, looking better and feeling great again. If you are not willing to commit to this program it is not for you. We only work with clients who are serious about not just losing weight, but keeping it off. Save your money and both our time and contact us when you are committed to losing weight.

But if you are ....

.... tired of being overweight, sick of failing at diets and tired of being tired, let us show you how to succeed. Like Valerie ...


I have always had a weight problem ever since I was a little kid. I tried all kinds of diets and exercise programs but they never seemed to work. Then a friend told me about the Weight Loss Specialists and how they helped her. They were different than anything I tried before. So far I have lost 13 pounds, learned how to lose weight and have kept the weight off for over 9 months. I am no longer nervous eating out and I feel better than I ever have in my life. Thanks you!
- Valerie Latorne, Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ)

Your Body Is a Fat Storing Machine

As you grow older your metabolism slows down, although your food consumption doesn’t. Your body is built as a fat storing machine with a built-in food storage mechanism. It stores those calories in fat cells like squirrels store acorns for the winter when food is not around. Unfortunately for you, whenever you diet your body thinks it's winter, with not much food available so your metabolism slows and you store more fat each year.

Women’s bodies are especially susceptible since they historically need these calories to sustain and nourish life. However our bodies were designed for a time before cars, elevators or junk food and we don’t need all of those extra calories anymore.

Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Dynamo

Turning the fat storing mechanism off is not just a matter of eating less, especially as you get older. It takes a trained nutritionist and weight loss consultant to find the right weight loss program for you. By using scientific principles and methods not only will you achieve your weight loss goals, but your body will turn into a fat burning dynamo that will prevent the weight from coming back. We will show you how to lose weight for good.

metabolic_weight_loss_report LIMITED TIME -
FREE 45 Minute
Metabolic Weight
Loss Assessment
Valued at $99.99

In order to help as many people as we possibly can, if you book an appointment (very soon) you will receive a 45 minute free, no obligation assessment valued at $99.99 for a very limited time.

This is a comprehensive metabolic and health assessment that covers over 15 vital functions of your body systems and metabolism. This crucial report will show you why your body is storing fat and what you need to do to fix it. Even if you decide that you are happy with your current weight, size and health this report is yours to keep. There is never any obligation or pressure from us to move forward! No High-Pressure Sales Tactics, ever! We can always part ways as friends.

Don’t wait another day. Your health and looks is too important to wait. You need to act today and call us to schedule an appointment. The number is (862) 240-2410 or fill out the form below and click submit.

Due to the high demand we will not be offering this Free $99.99 Metabolic Weight Loss Assessment much longer. Our appointment book fills fast, especially with all of our word of mouth referrals, and once we are booked we can no longer give away this significant metabolic weight loss assessment. (...and the holidays are coming!) Soon we will be forced to start charging for this assessment.

Take advantage of this offer and save $99.99. More importantly, see how you can change your life forever with the Weight Loss Specialist’s unique programs.

Call right now at (862) 240-2410 or fill out the form below and click submit to secure your place. The sooner you schedule the sooner you will be losing weight and spending less money.

The Weight Loss Specialists
No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

The Weight Loss Specialists comes with a 7 DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. At any time, within 7 days if you are unhappy for any reason you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

We are so confident that you will be pleased with the result when you start seeing the pounds melt away, sleeping all night and bouncing with youthful energy. With our program, you won’t want to go back to your old habits.

Start Your Personalized Weight Loss Now! CALL TODAY! (862) 240-2410 or Fill Out The Form Below
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To deliver the quality and personal attention to each and every client, we have a limited number of opening at any given time. Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Contact us soon for the shortest possible wait time.

For your information, we offer morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday appointments to fit your schedule. Our office is open Monday through Saturday.

At The Weight Loss Specialists our experienced and professional staff are waiting to help you discover how to lose weight. You will lose more weight than you ever thought possible.

Robert Galarowicz N.D.
Co-Founder & Director
The Weight Loss Specialist

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P.S. Give us one week, and you will begin to see and feel the difference, we guarantee it or your money back.

P.P.S. In a week, month or year from now you will be the same weight, more weight or less. You know you want less weight so contact us today.

P.P.P.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars. The medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of healthy weight. Our weight loss program costs far less than the medical treatments, and you will look and feel terrific!

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